Acrylic Double Ended Pedestal Tub – RDBLPD


This elegant freestanding Double Ended Pedestal Tub has a high gloss white interior and interior with a slip resistant floor. Elora Tubs use state-of-the-art ¾” thick CoreAcryl acrylic for better heat retention and durability.  Faucet can be deck or wall mounted or freestanding.


Freestanding Double Ended Pedestal Tub from Elora

  • Tub measures 67″ long x 30.2″ wide x 25.4″ high
  • High gloss white tub interior and exterior
    • Slip resistant floor
    • Heavy duty CoreAcryl acrylic tub with 5mm acrylic inner and outer skins
    • In tub body aluminum sheet insulation
    • Reinforced 3/4″ shell thickness with narrow air gap
    • Reinforced freestanding tub base, weight tested to 1100 lbs

The high gloss acrylic is very simple to maintain. To clean the exterior, just wipe with a soft cloth. For interior cleaning, we recommend a soft cloth and a cleaner like Simple Green, we don’t recommend anything abrasive. We recommend that to avoid hard water stains on the surfaces of the fittings that these should be dried with soft cloth after each use.


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