Porcelain Clawfoot Tub Coasters

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  • Porcelain clawfoot tub coasters are designed to protect your floors from the weight of the tub and water.
  • These coasters will fit all of our tub feet except the Lion Paw feet.
  • Measure 3.5 inches diameter at the base, 1 inch high and 2.75 inches in diameter at the top.
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An authentic reproduction porcelain clawfoot tub coasters are used to protect hardwood, tile, or linoleum floor from damage caused by the weight of clawfoot tubs. Though clawfoot tubs are very heavy and don’t move much, they’re not generally affixed to the floor, so they can shift a bit from time to time. This shifting, combined with the weight of the tub, can destroy flooring as the feet dig into and scratch it. This problem is particularly pronounced with softer flooring types, like wood and linoleum, but that doesn’t mean that a hard tile floor is safe from harm. These specially made coasters, placed beneath the feet of the tub, are designed to protect flooring.

  • Beautiful white porcelain tub protectors
  • Set of 4
  • Coasters fit most tub feet

3 reviews for Porcelain Clawfoot Tub Coasters

  1. Graeme Kaberry

    Purchased some ceramic discs for my claw foot bath. Very helpful and quick to ship.

  2. Shelley Pearen

    Best service ever. Was desperately searching for way to reuse my much loved antique claw foot tub on newly installed heated marble mosaic floor. Found loo store and its claw foot tub coasters. They shipped them immediately. Perfect product. Great service. I should mention i have been an interior designer for 40 years so i know product and service.

  3. Laura

    Product is as promised. Match the look of the room and give the tub a little something extra. We used these for a claw foot tub atop a heated tiled floor.

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